Nadia Ali
Great work. She does quality work and fair price. My go-to person for repairs and tailoring
Daksha Pandya
Green work on my daughter’s outfit which were too tight. Nadia took challenge, she bought matching fabrics and made the original outfits just right size.
Mohammed Ali
I hade about 10 pairs of jeans that I bought online and they where so big so I could not return them, so I was going to give them away but one of my cousins told me about this place so I said that I was going to try with the one pants only and I end up doing all my pants by them. It was very great work. I love dealing with them I recommend 100%👍👍👍
sama salameh
Incredible service! I’ve come here for all my tailoring needs ! From dresses to pants to even dress shirts. She’s amazing
Ibrahim Ali
I took a suit that I needed to get it fixed for a wedding and I’ve only gave her a week to do my suit. I wear big and tall and none of the suits I’ve bought looked good on me but when she did it the suit looked nice and fit me perfect. Customer service was nice and she was very respectful. I would recommend
Naser Ali
This is one the best places you can take your clothes to be done and fixed and alternated also if you want anything to be custom Made. And don’t believe anything Elsa
Saja Ali
I had a great experience working with her. She is very serious and honest with her work. She’s very professional and patient. It’s one of the best places I went to. She sewed me a modest dress and a abaya for Ramadan and both turned out very elegant when I tried them. I always come to that place and there was never a delay. It was nice working with you!!!🥰😍❤️
Naser Ali
I had a suit for a wedding and when I bought it online it came in a little big and I didn’t have a lot of time to get a new one I took it to elegance corner which was one of the closest to me I took it to the lady and she said she can do it in a short period of time most of the other places said it would take about 4-5 days and then it would be ready the lady said she can do it for me with in 2 days. When I got it I wasn’t expecting it to be great but I came out so wrong it fit me great and came out very nice when I put it on and I recommend her for all of my friends I absolutely recommend elegance corner for everyone.
Ze Alayn
Just discovered this gem of a place. I needed a quick fix on a dress and Nadia was very accommodating . She fixed the dress for me in the same day. I highly recommend Elegance corner to anyone.